Gillian Murdoch

Gillian Murdoch Pottery

25 Kennedy's Rd
Boutiliers Point, NS B3Z 1R7
Open by chance or appointment.

I’m mesmerized by the pure, simple magic of what can happen when you take clay from the earth. It is one of my greatest inspirations. Using clay, water, a wheel, and fire to create functional pieces that have the potential of lasting thousands of years is a blessing to me.

Fifteen years ago in Toronto I had my first pottery class. More classes followed, including an apprenticeship at an active production studio/retail shop until I moved to Nova Scotia in 2004. Quite soon thereafter, I was accepted into Carol Smeraldo’s mentorship program. In 2009 I left this program to start my home studio where I continue to work and sell.

The mysteries of nature with its ever-changing beauty and the potters who freely share their immense knowledge are what I draw on to continue my artistic journey and to find my expression in clay.

Phone: (902) 233-5242